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          Ningjin Baisheng Plastic Product Co., Ltd.---TPU、TPE、TPV
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            Product Portfolio

          Our products include TPU cable sheath and TPU hose. TPU cable sheath features tension resistance, strong tension, high tear strength, hydrolysis resistance, abrasion resistance, flex resistance, penetration resistance, low temperature resistance, resistant sea water and microbe and good sonolucency. It has good elastic resilience and long service life. It is particularly applicable to the offshore geophysical exploration and tough wide working environment.

          Type: TPU PEUR

          Temperature: -35-90

          Hardness: 70A-98A

          TPU Hose Series
          TPEE All-plastic Hose Series
          TPV Hose Series
          Nylon PA Hose Series
          By product structure
          All-plastic Hose
          Fibre Reinforced Hose
          Plastic Spiral Reinforced Hose
          Steel Wire Spiral Reinforced Hose
          Sealing Materials, Profile Material and Bar
          Cable Sheath Series

          Ningjin Baisheng plastic products Co., Ltd. address: YinHe Development Zone,Ningjin county,ShanDong

          Sales Hotline Of BeiJing:18601053812 18910086206 18601053811 18601053815