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          Ningjin Baisheng Plastic Product Co., Ltd.---TPU、TPE、TPV
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            Product Portfolio
          TPU Cable Sheath
          TPU Hose Series
          TPEE All-plastic Hose Series
          TPV Hose Series
          Nylon PA Hose Series
          By product structure
          All-plastic Hose
          Fibre Reinforced Hose
          Plastic Spiral Reinforced Hose
          Steel Wire Spiral Reinforced Hose
          Sealing Materials, Profile Material and Bar
          Cable Sheath Series

          Ningjin Baisheng plastic products Co., Ltd. address: YinHe Development Zone,Ningjin county,ShanDong

          Sales Hotline Of BeiJing:18601053812 18910086206 18601053811 18601053815